The different types of hauling jobs in trucking

In this video we will discuss the different types of truck driving jobs and some of the qualifications or challenges you can face.

Dry van hauling. This is one of the most popular types of hauling in the trucking industry. A drive van or trailer is exactly what it sounds like. It’s filled with contents that are packaged and does not need refrigeration. Oddly enough, bottled water, even though wet, can be hauled by a dry van, obviously since it’s packaged.

Reefer hauling. Reefer, which is short for refrigerated is a temperature controlled trailer. Some of the challenges with this type hauling can be equipment failure, which can cause major problems for the cargo.

Flatbed hauling. This is often associated with heavy or wide loads such as equipment, but it can also be pretty much anything big and bulky.

Car hauling and livestock hauling. Pretty self-explanatory. You’re hauling things that both have horns in both cases.

Tanker haulings. Normally associated with anything liquid that is not packaged. This can be both non-hazardous like milk or extremely hazardous like jet fuel. In the latter case, a special endorsement permit is needed.

There you have it. That’s the basic types of truck loads on the road today.